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Trying to find out what is Greenzoner? The you have come to the right place. Here you will find out what is all about. Also you can hurry in to receive a invite!

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What is

Greenzoner is a site that gives free stuff to attract attention towards the Earth. The goal of this site is to spread the word on helping the world by growing trees and things like that. As we get prizes plants trees. This will help take care of mother nature.

What can Greenzoner members get?

Greenzoner members can receive various different free stuff! Most commonly right now you can receive electronics such a gaming systems, laptops, and other cool gadgets! After a couple of months when they reach the certain number of members, they will have redemption's for prizes every day. I will let you know about any updates for

How to earn prizes?

When you register you will automatically receive a 100EEPs! EEPs are a currency used by EEP stands for EcoEnergyPoints.Participating on translations (not offered for most members) would earn him 2000EEPs. When you invite a friend you will receive 20 EEPs. When your friend invites his friend you will get 4EEPs. Inviting friends are referrals, these friends will be added to your friends list. When you reach 1000EEPS you are eligible to choose and get your prize such as Ps3 or a Ipad!!

How to become a member?

To become a member you can't just sign up, but you have to be referred by a friend. So if you go to the invites page on this web site. You can type your email and I will send you one as soon as possible. Once you receive a invite to your email. You click the link in the message then click sign in on the web site that opens. After that you fill in your details, you confirm by checking your email and by clicking the link. Once your done that voila you are a Greenzoner member! 

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